Saeed: Whoever unlawfully kills a person will be punished with death


Saeed: Whoever unlawfully kills a person will be punished with death

Tunisian President Kais Said

Tunisian President Kais Saied stressed the need for “security personnel to double their efforts in combating crime,” considering that “whoever kills an unjust person will be punished with death.”

He said, “There are those who demand the death penalty, but I would like to be frank, as for some countries that have abolished this punishment, they implement the sentence without pronouncing it … when they want to get rid of a person, and even whole peoples are assassinated without the execution of the execution.” He put it.

He added, “The debate is prolonged on this issue. Whoever kills a person unlawfully will be rewarded with the death penalty, of course all circumstances are provided for him to defend himself, but if it is proven that he has committed the killing of a soul, I do not think that the solution is not to implement the death penalty, as some call .. Each society has its own choices.” We have our choices and the text is there. ”

He continued, “The pardon is for those who deserve it and not for those who incriminate twice, and in the course of the case it appears that the murderer was killed in the past and enjoyed a previous pardon.”

Said’s statements came while overseeing the session of the Tunisian National Security Council, where he touched on the recent crime that shook public opinion, in which a girl was killed and her body was found days later.

Source: “Mosaique”

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