Salt Ponds … an exciting discovery beneath the south pole of Mars


و .علن Italian scientists On their findings, Monday, after two years of monitoring what they described as a large “buried” lake.

Scientists were able to expand their coverage area by hundreds of miles, using more radar data from the orbiter “Mars Express” of the European Space Agency.

During the study, which appeared in the journal “Nature Astronomy”, scientists provided additional evidence for the existence of this salt lake located under the surface of Mars, which is estimated to be between 12 and 18 miles (20 to 30 kilometers) wide, and was observed within one mile (1.5 kilometers). ) Under Ice surface.

Most interestingly, the scientists also observed 3 smaller bodies of water surrounding the lake. These ponds appear to be of different sizes and are separate from the main lake.

And nearly 4 billion years ago, it was Mars Warm and damp, like earth, butThe red planetIt eventually turned into a dry, arid world as it is today, without stopping speculation about the existence of some form Life On its surface.

During their study, the research team, led by Sebastian Emmanuel Lauro of the University of Rome Tre, used a method similar to what was used on Earth To discover the lakes buried in South and North poles.

The research team based its results on more than 100 radar observations by “Mars Express” conducted between 2010 and 2019, after the launch of the spacecraft in 2003.

And all these “potential waters”, according to the British newspaper “The Guardian”, indicate the possibility of existence Microbial life On Mars or below the surface.

Scientists have indicated that high concentrations of the salt It can prevent the water from freezing in this cold location, as the surface temperature at the Antarctic is estimated at minus 172 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 113 degrees Celsius), and it becomes gradually warmer with depth.

These bodies of water are likely to be biologically interesting, and the researchers concluded that “future missions to Mars should target this area.”


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