Saudi Arabia: To overthrow a terrorist cell whose operatives received training in IRA


08:49 PM

Monday 28 September 2020


The Spokesman for the Supreme State Security Presidency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the overthrow of a terrorist cell whose elements inside the Revolutionary Guard sites in Iran received military and field training, including methods and methods of making explosives, and seizing a quantity of weapons and explosives hidden in two locations.

The Saudi Press Agency “SPA” stated that “4 sophisticated listening devices were seized, 1 welding machine, 4 Kalashnikovs, 1 G3 rifle, 1 sniper rifle,” 2) A pistol, (1) pneumatic hunting rifle, (4,620) various live ammunition, (18) machine gun and pistol magazines, a 6-inch plastic storage container for homemade weapons. (1) set of (1) bag containing weapon cleaning equipment, number (14) A combat white weapon (knife), military clothes, two (2) sniper binoculars, (1) night binoculars, (3) walkie-talkies, (1) a laptop computer, and (2) a Garmin mapping device. (1) sunglasses equipped with a camera, storage memory and battery

Confiscating (11) mobile phone devices, (2) smart tablet devices, (5) external storage memories, and (6) internal storage memories.

The competent authorities conduct investigations with all those arrested to find out more information about their activities and the persons connected to them internally and externally, and to refer them after the investigations complete their procedures to the judiciary.

The Presidency of State Security announced that it will continue to confront these “criminal schemes and for everyone who seeks to undermine the security and stability of this country and the safety of its citizens and residents on its lands. God is the guide to the straight path.”

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