Sawsan Badr, for “Comics” The Pharaonic Pictures: Death in the wit of the Egyptians


The artist commented Sawsan Badr On the reactions to her photo session with the pharaonic view, and she said that she was required for the cover of an American magazine, and achieved great success throughout the world, expressing her great happiness with the success of that session.

Badr explained in her interview with the artist Laila Ezz Al-Arab and the media Yasmine Fahmy on the “We Are the Women” program that she did not get angry at the “comics” and the sarcastic comments on her pictures through social networking sites, saying: “I am dying in the wit of Egyptians, the amount of comics is very funny. People rode the charioteer in the comics, the people had sherbet blood, and one had a drink, and one said amoun with mint. ”

On the other hand, actress Sawsan Badr is experiencing a great cinematic boom these days in light of the current cinematic movement with a large number of films being filmed or being prepared for at the present time, as she contracted to participate in the championship of 3 films at once, preparing to start filming them during the next period. , After she finished the movie “But I am” with Tamer Hosni, who was stopped due to the Corona virus and was recently resumed and finished his last scenes.

The first film that Sawsan begins filming is “One Second”, which began filming the week before last, and Sawsan is preparing to start her scenes at work in the coming days, where she co-stars alongside Dina El Sherbiny, Mustafa Khater, Mahmoud Hamida, Wizo, Ola Rushdie and a number of guests of honor. Mustafa Hamdy and directed by Akram Farid.


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