“Schubert”: Al-Ahly has 3 options to take over the coaching of the team … and the closest coach is a surprise


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The journalist Ahmed Schubert said that Al-Ahly club management is currently studying 3 options to succeed the Swiss coach, Rene Weiler, who is expected to leave within the next few days, pointing to one of the coaches, confirming that he is the closest to assuming the technical leadership of the Red Castle.

“Schubert”, during his program “ONTIME Stadium”, on the “On Time Sports” channel, said that Al-Ahly is negotiating with an African coach in order to take over the technical leadership of the team, indicating that he knows the existence of the negotiations without having a piece of information to him by name, but he is likely to be the coach. Sun Downs, South African Pitso Musimani, who has experience and knowledge at the African level, has achieved successes at the continental level and is considered one of its most prominent coaches, while stressing that the African name is the strongest and most prominent candidate to succeed “Fyler”, as it will be a new thing on Egyptian stadiums.

The media added that the second option in front of Al-Ahly is to contract with a European technical director, either from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands or Portugal, pointing out that there is an option for the local coach, but he retreated strongly, while he was confined to two names only: Mohamed Youssef and Imad Al-Nahhas, but Al-Ahly did not speak with them. .

“Schubert” denied that the name of the Tunisian duo, Nabil Maaloul and Faouzi Benzarti, had been put on the table of Al-Ahly Club to take over the technical leadership of the team, succeeding Swiss Rene Fyler. He also confirmed that the name of the former coach of the Red Castle, Manuel Jose, was not presented.

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