Schubert announces it: Tarsana match, Fyler’s last match with Al-Ahly


The journalist Ahmed Schubert announced the recent position of Swiss coach Rene Weiler, Al-Ahly club, about whether or not to continue with the Red Castle.

Al-Ahly fans are waiting for next Thursday, the first of October, to determine the fate of Swiss Rene Fyler, the current coach of the Red Genie, whether to continue with the team or not.

Schubert confirmed on his official page on the social networking site “Twitter” that Swiss Rene Fyler had confirmed his departure from the coach of the Red Castle definitively.

Schubert wrote: Gailer’s last training tomorrow and the last match at Arsenal in the Egypt Cup, “referring to the Al-Ahly administration making its final decision about the Swiss coach.

The first football team of Al-Ahly club is preparing to face Al-Arsenal in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, scheduled for 8 pm next Wednesday at Al-Ahly Stadium in Al-Salam city.


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