Schubert explains the last moments of the departure of Rene Fyler … and reveals the term of the new coach’s contract


Media disclosure Ahmed Schubert On the scenes of the last hours of Rene Fyler’s departure from Al-Ahly club leadership.
Ahmed Schubert added, while presenting his broadcast on “On Time Sports”, that he is an agent Renee Fyler The reason for the outbreak of the crisis with the Al-Ahly club. “
Ahmed Schubert confirmed، That all was going normally between a board of directors Alahli football club And Renee Fyler، Before intervention of an agent His works In the last moments. “

He continued: “Rene Fyler adhered to travel before competing in the CAF Champions League, and Al-Ahly requested to renew his contract for a year to ensure his return again, before Rene Fyler refused to set these terms and conditions.”

Ahmed Schubert pointed to the entry Pesto MusimaneMelody Sun Downs, South African coach, is in the accounts of Al-Ahly club strongly during the current period due to his African experiences.

He continued: “The new coach will be announced who will take over the leadership of Al-Ahly club during the coming period and will lead the team for a year or two at least, and Rene Fyler will leave Al-Ahly club after the end of the Al-Tarsana match.


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