Schubert: Musimani may be the next Al-Ahly coach after Fyler’s departure


Journalist Ahmed Schubert said that Al-Ahly is considering hiring an African coach to train the team to succeed the Swiss, Rene Fyler, the current coach, who will leave Al-Ahly training after the Arsenal match this evening, Wednesday, in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, saying: Al-Ahly is considering an African coach to succeed Fyler, expecting that Be that coach is Mosimane South African coach Sun Downs, and Schubert stressed in his program on Ontime Sport that Al-Ahly had officially informed Fyler of his departure from the team.

On the other hand, a source inside Al-Ahly club dawned a heavy surprise by confirming that the deal of the Algerian star Youssef Al-Belayli was complicated, after the crisis of terminating his contract with Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia.

The source said on the seventh day: “Al-Ahly of Saudi Arabia is the one who requested the termination of Al-Blayli’s contract and not the other way around, as the player’s agent claims. FIFA gave Al-Blayli until October 3 to respond or submit any documents related to the case, and in the event that Al-Blayli is convicted, he will be suspended for a long time, which will not be the case.” Accept it. “

Youssef Al-Balayli entered the Al-Ahly club’s interest in supporting the attack in the new season, but the player’s requests and his material club in the first negotiations delayed their completion before the crisis of terminating his contract with Al-Ahly surfaced.


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