Scientists create a smart cloth that changes shape in response to changes in temperature


Scientists have created a mechanical fabric that stiffens and relaxes in response to changes in temperature, which can be used in emergency situations, as the material, which was developed at Yale University in the United States, was equipped with a system of heat sensors and strings that harden to change the shape of the cloth, and under the temperature changes , It can bend and twist to transform itself into adaptive clothing, shape-changing machines and self-assembling shelters.

According to the British “Daily Mail” website, video footage shows this material moving from an ordinary flat fabric to a structure that can withstand weight, a prototype plane with flexible wings and a wearable robotic wristband that activates in response to damage..

Professor Rebecca Kramer Buttiglio of Yale University said: “We believe this technology can be leveraged to create self-tents, motorized umbrellas, and auxiliary clothing. Fabrics are an ubiquitous material used in a wide range of products, and the ability to make some of these robotic products unlocks many. Of the possibilities.”

The researchers said this tool retains all the characteristics of the general fabric, such as flexibility, breathability and low weight, which means it can be worn as normal..

To make the tissue move, the researchers used a shape-memory alloy wire (SMA) – It is a class of alloys that deform when cold but return to their shape when heated, and it is usually programmed High school In coils or meshes to generate contractile movement, but for robotic tissue this concept has been modified slightly.

“Instead of using the technique, we flattened the wires into strips to give them a more geometry suited to the smooth bending motion, which is ideal for robotic fabrics,” said study author Trevor Buckner at Yale University.

Notably, to create sensors that detect internal or environmental changes and allow the fabric to respond, researchers have developed conductive ink that can be applied directly to the fabric..


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