Scientists have found a new treatment to limit the dangerous consequences of Corona


Scientists have identified a new drug that can prevent or mitigate the consequences of infection with the Coronavirus, and the preliminary results of the study, which was conducted on animal models, showed that the drug 4-Phenylbutiric acid (4-PBA) It completely reduces deaths from respiratory failure caused by cellular stress, the research published in the Journal shows Cytokine and Growth Factors Review.

According to a newspaper report TIME NOW NEWS The inflammatory process identified in severe cases of the Coronavirus causes excessive and uncontrolled release of cytokines which are molecules responsible for regulating the body’s defenses and which can lead to vascular hyper-permeability and failure of many organs.

And controlling this “storm” of cytokines, by those who control them, that is, infected cells, is exactly what these researchers suggested..

Lead researcher Evan Doran, professor at the University of Malaga in Spain, said: “When cells are stressed due to infection, they summon cytokines, and the more stressed they become, the more stable they become, which leads to this uncontrolled inflammation and hence, one of the possible treatments for Covid-19 Is to reduce cellular stress. “

According to the researcher, 4 drug reuse-PBA The anti-stress can modulate this cellular stress, which is also found in diseases such as diabetes, aging or carcinogenesis, which in turn are classified as risk factors for Coronavirus, the drug is already approved for clinical use against other diseases, and thus it is clinically easy to apply..

The study also identified a network-resident protein, a protein-binding immunoglobulin, which is likely to be explored and measured in affected patients..

In this way, levels of this protein could be regardless of the effectiveness of the treatment – 4.PBA They are early indicators of risk groups Covid-19 , Thus creating a relationship between high levels and the severity of inflammation after a viral infection.


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