Season deal .. Will Al-Ahly sign 120 goals?


It seems that the coming summer season will witness a heated struggle between the top clubs in Egyptian football to settle new deals and win new stars in preparation for a new football season.

The name of Youssef Al-Balayli, the Algerian star, and the Saudi wing of Al-Ahly Jeddah was linked to Al-Ahly’s deals in the new season, after Hafeez Al-Bailaili, the player’s father and agent, admitted that there were negotiations by the Red Club and his son welcomed the matter.

Significant financial obstacles threatened Al-Ahly’s completion of the deal in light of the increase in the annual salary of the player, at a time during which the Red Club Council sets a ceiling for the annual salaries of the players to prevent a strife between the ranks.

Al-Blayli asked for $ 2 million a year to wear the Al-Ahly shirt, while the Egyptian club pays $ 1 million to Tunisian star Ali Maaloul as the highest salary in the team.

Al-Blayli canceled his contract today with the Saudi family of Jeddah, according to Saudi press reports, at a time when the name of Al-Blayli is still strongly proposed in the Titch Castle, hoping for an understanding regarding financial matters and bridging distances between the two parties.

Al-Blayli contributed 120 goals over the course of his football career, between scoring and industry, whether with the clubs that defended the colors of their shirts or with the Algerian national team. In Africa in 2019.

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