Security checks the distress of a girl from “Antel Assembly”


11:36 PM

Monday 28 September 2020

Books – Alaa Omran:

The security services are examining a girl’s distress about being sexually assaulted by a person who some social media users have described as “the gathering antel”.

The security follow-up monitored the circulation of leaflets about a girl who claimed sexual and material exploitation from someone inside a famous “Gym” gym in the Fifth Settlement.

The girl claimed that the defendant was in a relationship with a girl and her mother at the same time, calling for his speedy arrest and legal action against him.

In turn, the “You are the most important” initiative – which supports victims of harassment and sexual violence – received a petition from the girl, which included the ability of the complainant to inflict upon the wives of the wealthy and get everything he wants after he deludes them in the name of love, and he called it (Antel the gathering).

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