Seizing a pharmacy owner for promoting drugs that harm mental health on Facebook


Seizing a pharmacy owner for promoting drugs that harm mental health on Facebook

The General Administration of Information Technology managed to arrest the owner of a pharmacy in Al-Sharqiya for promoting drugs that affect the psychological state through the “Facebook” website, and one of its clients was arrested.

Information and investigations of the General Administration of Information Technology, a pharmacy department located in the Department of Zagazig Second Police Department in Sharkia, a resident of the Zagazig Police Station Department, and a person convicted in a drug case, confirmed a page on the social networking site “Facebook” and the publication of posts that include the promotion of drugs and drugs that affect the psychological state And neuroticism, which is prohibited to circulate except with medical controls among the citizens, which have taken the pharmacy as its headquarters for the conduct of its criminal activity.

After the legalization of procedures and coordination with the Public Security Sector, the Eastern Security Directorate and the concerned authorities, the accused was targeted and seized in the pharmacy owned by her, and in possession of a mobile phone by examining it showing the presence of traces and evidence of the page and the posts referred to, and by searching the pharmacy, “2005 tablets of drugs affecting the psychological and nervous state were seized and listed. In the drug schedule, 179 masks and 11 cans of alcohol spray of unknown origin. ”

While taking legal measures, one of its clients, who dealt with it, happened to be present in promoting and selling these drugs into the pharmacy, “owner of a drug store”, residing in the West, who was wanted for enforcement in a court ruling issued against him in a waste case, and he was seized in possession of “329 potent drugs. Concerning the psychological state, 285 stimulant drugs “and facing them, the owner of the pharmacy admitted to managing the aforementioned account for practicing her criminal activity and possession of seizures for the purpose of trafficking, and that the second accused was one of her clients, and facing the second, he admitted what was stated in her statements.

Legal action has been taken.


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