Serena Williams announces her withdrawal from Roland Garros due to injury


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Advertise Organizers championship France Open in a a ball Racket, Set up This The year in a an appointment new Because Ramifications pandemicCovid-19“، About withdrawal star American Veteran Serena Williams Because injury, What Will be postponed Her dream Making Her title the fourth والعشرين in a Tournaments Grand Hello.

And it was From Supposed that Facing up daughter The39 Years old in a The role The second Wednesday With Bulgarian Tsvetana Peronkova, But sound that injury Which Suffer Of which in a String Achilles And forced it Also On Non Sharing in a Course Rome, Forbade it From Continue The journey in a The tournament French And try the win By her title the first in a Grand Hello Ago championship Australia Open Early 2017.

و .كدت Serena in a conference Journalist: ”Command Regard Potter Achilles Which did not To enjoy By time Enough in order to Recovering distance championship the states United Open“.

And forced Serena to me call up the doctor Healer Through Its match in a Half Final championship Flushing Meadows in a time formerly From the month Present distance She was injured in a String Achilles, لكنها Completed Meeting وخسرته Before Belarusian Victoria Azarenka Before that Announce Later Non Share it in a Course Rome.

And she was Serena Wish self That You go in a Roland Garros Even End And win By title the fourth to her in a The tournament French distance Years 2002 And2013 And2015، Because that will allow to her With an equation the number Standard The absolute لادد Titles in a modern Amateurs والاحتراف والمسجل Basim Australian Margaret Kurt (24).

After she missed the 2017 edition due to her pregnancy with her first child, Serena said farewell to Roland Garros from the fourth round in 2018, and the third round in last year’s version.

Despite reaching four finals in 2008 and 2009 at Wimbledon and Flushing Meadows, the American has been unable to win any major titles since she won the Australian Open in early 2017 while pregnant.

Serena said Wednesday: “I am struggling to walk and this is evidence that I have to try to recover. I need four to six weeks of sitting and doing nothing. It is very likely that I will not go in any other session this year.”


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