Shail “dawah” on his shoulder … and pregnancy is over


Once again, the name of the preacher “Moez Masoud” returned to the top of Google search indicators in the last hours after rumors of a love story between him and the star Hala Shiha haunted him, and this raised the public astonishment, especially after rumors circulated about the value of the dowry requested by Shiha’s solution, and it was estimated at 20 million EGP, and despite this controversy, the two did not confirm or deny their relationship.

Hala Shiha was not the first star with whom Moez Masoud was related. He had previously married Sherry Adel in 2018 and produced the series “Rogue Arrows”. Before this marriage, he married a YouTube celebrity, “Basant Nour El Din” in 2017, and their marriage lasted for a short period. His first marriage was to “Sarah”, who won the title of Miss American University in 2003.

As for Sherry Adel, the last of Masoud’s ex-wives, she said: “My passage from Moez Masoud was not a reason for my delay, and he respects me and I respect him and I hope that the relationship is preferable to such a long life. His age does not require me to have a single condition. One when he is allowed to enter a new life does not work. And the second day I went down on the day of work, I was busy in marital life, and when the subject did not have a share, I returned to focus on my work, not having the need that makes me return in need, and I don’t want to talk in my personal life or trade it.

While the Youtuber Basant Nour El Din expressed her anger at the many people going into the details of her personal life, after the spread of a picture of her with her ex-husband Moez Masoud, against the background of the spread of rumors about the marriage of her divorced actress Hala Shiha, and she said: “Open Social Media. .. My picture is in a group of pictures with spinning and laughter because of the destiny of our Lord Almighty. “Your sister and she may be your daughter .. This is harmful to us and our family.”

In the same context, actress Hala Shiha deleted many of her photos through her Instagram account, leaving only her photos in which she wore modest clothes.

Among the photos that Hala Shiha deleted are the photos of the photo session for “7 Days” magazine, and many of her photos that were criticized by the public, including her photos in the activities of the third session of the El Gouna Festival.


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