“Shame came upon us, and I ran after the women.”


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“You brought shame on us, and you heard us on every tongue.” In a loud voice the older brother shouted in the face of his brother to cut off his relationship with the fallen girl, whom he was associated with and had previously been accused of practicing vice. The younger brother, after his brother hit him with a “shovel” stick on the head, causing him to have a brain hemorrhage, which led to his death.

The investigations of the Giza Investigations revealed that the main reason behind the murder between two brothers in Al-Saff Center in Giza Governorate is the existence of a sinful relationship between one of them and a fallen girl, as the investigations led by Major General Mahmoud Al-Sabili, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigations, and Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Watidi, Head of Investigations in the South Giza Sector, confirmed the involvement The victim’s uncle in the commission of the accident, and he was accused of participating in the murder of his nephew.

Confronting the first accused, he confessed to killing his brother, and said: “Yes, I killed him because shame came to us … and he made us heard on every tongue at the moment … We are respectful people and my brother runs after the six and treated us problems with neighbors and relatives because of his bad behavior in drinking drugs.”

The security services in Giza, under the supervision of Major General Tariq Marzouq, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Giza Security Sector, received a notification from Al-Saf Hospital about the arrival of a 25-year-old worker, dead body after he breathed his last, and the security services moved to the place of the report. The victim was behind his murder, the accused was arrested and the prosecution took over an investigation.

Investigations supervised by Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Watidi, head of the southern Giza sector, added that the victim’s brother called on his younger brother to stay away from the misfortune that he was following more than once, and to stop running after the fallen women, but he refused, which caused a quarrel between them, as a result of which he rose The older brother hit the victim with a tattoo on the head, which caused him to suffer internal bleeding that led to his death.

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