She betrayed her husband and then killed him … the execution of a housewife and her lover in the Nas facility


07:11 PM

Sunday 27 September 2020

Books – Mahmoud Al-Saeed:

The Chamber punished 11 felonies in the Abbasid court, headed by Counselor Mohamed Sharif Taher, a housewife and her lover, to death by hanging for accusing them of killing her husband in the Manshaet Nasser Police Department.

The investigations revealed that the defendant and her lover killed the victim, H.A., with premeditation, that the wife prepared a white weapon, and the lover sneaked into her house and her husband, took the knife and then stabbed the husband while he was going to sleep, and stabbed him in the back and in separate places until he was sure of his death .

In the referral order, the prosecution attributed the defendants to the charge of premeditated murder.

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