“She claimed kidnapping and assaulting her” .. Interior: “Lady Dokki” made up the incident because of disagreements with her husband


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The security services were able to uncover the fact that a female citizen was absent from her home and claimed that she had been attacked by unknown persons in front of a metro station upon her return to her home.

The officers of the Dokki Police Department in Giza received a notification from a citizen and his wife, that if his wife took a “taxi” in front of one of the subway stations in Giza to go home, she was surprised that the car driver accompanied him with another drugged her. Al-Ahram Gardens in Giza and their attempt to encroach on it.

The examination found that the incident was not true, and that the aforementioned was absent from her home due to differences with her husband and her intention to reside with one of her friends in Giza during the period of absence, and to return on her own, and legal measures were taken.

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