Sherif Ekrami: El-Shenawy’s control of Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper is the reason for my move to Pyramids


Sherif Ekrami, the new goalkeeper for the first goalkeeper of the Pyramids club, confirmed that his move to the ranks of the heavenly team is not for the purpose of proving oneself and entering into a challenge after sitting on the bench seats of Al-Ahly in the recent period, indicating that he preferred to move to Pyramids because of his belief in the idea and the new project that seeks to compete strongly to achieve Tournaments, stressing that the transfer of Ramadan Sobhi and Ahmed Fathi to the same team is not for the purpose of the challenge, but rather that each player has his personal views and a special scenario for his transfer and departure from the Red Castle.

Ikrami added during his statements to the “Ontime Stadium” program with the media, Saif Zaher, on the “On Sports” screen that he left Al-Ahly after feeling difficult to get the opportunity to participate in light of Muhammad El-Shennawy fixing his feet in guarding the lair of the red genie, pointing out that his goal is in The next stage is to prove himself with the new team and get a real opportunity to participate, saying: “I am optimistic about this new step, especially since I did not rush to the decision.”

Follow Sherif Ekramy: “The ball is my life and I strive to invest in it until the end of the road. I hope to join the team, and I know that it will be difficult, but I trust in my abilities and my ability to challenge.”

The new Pyramids goalkeeper wished success to Mustafa Schubert, who would guard Al-Ahly goal in the next match in front of Al-Arsenal in the Egypt Cup, stressing the need not to compare him with any other goalkeeper, and work to support and evaluate him personally.


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