Sherifa Maher .. the grandmother of the Sweden goalkeeper, who was discovered by Mohammed Heb


07:29 PM

Wednesday 30 September 2020

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Today, the capable artist, Sherifa Maher, celebrates her 88th birthday, as she was born today, September 30, 1932.

In this report we review the most important information about Sherifa Maher:

Sherifa graduated from a French school, then the late musician Mohamed Abdel Wahab discovered her, and he contracted with her for three years.

– Among the most famous works of Sherifa Maher, “Have mercy on my tears,” “The Dignity of My Wife,” “My Dearest Habayeb,” “Al-Masyir,” “The Magic Lantern,” with Ismail Yassin, “Qasr al-Shawq”, “A Man with a Past.”

– She is the grandmother of Rami Shaban, the former goalkeeper of Arsenal’s English team and Sweden.

– Sherifa Maher traveled to live in Sweden after she married world squash champion Abdul Wahid Abdulaziz, and during her residency she obtained Swedish citizenship, gave birth to her only son Tariq, and wore the veil, but she did not retire from art

– She said in an interview with “Kan Zaman” with the artist Samir Sabry, that the late singer Mohamed Fawzy was the one who discovered her and presented her as a singer and actress.

Sharifa added, “In his last days, Muhammad Fawzi told me:” I am upset that I have followed you. “

And she continued, “I signed a monopoly contract with the late generations musician, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, on the condition that I work in cinema only with him, and this was something that hindered me at the beginning, so I asked him to allow her to work in cinema with others, so he agreed.”

– “Sherifa” chose Abdel Halim Hafez to star in the movie “Long Live the Men” in front of her, but the director of the film Kamel Al-Hefnawi refused Abdel Halim, and asked the singer Karem Mahmoud, saying: “The director Kali Khadi Abdel Halim and his distribution is what works, and actually distributed it.”

– Sherifa Maher’s last appearance was in the series “FIFA Atata” with the artist Mohamed Saad in 2014, and she appeared as a guest of honor.


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