Sherihan recovers her memories with Al-Muntaser Billah in the scenes of the play Muhammad Ali Street


The great artist recovered SherihanHer memories with the late artist Victor Billah with a rare shot from the play Muhammad Ali Street, and the star Sherihan shared on her official Twitter account a video of the scenes filming the Muhammad Ali Street play, where Victor Billah appeared shaving his chin before the show, while Sherihan surprised him by spraying cologne. On his face and exchanged laughter, until the great star Hisham Selim shared the funny situation with them.

The great artist, Sherihan, confirmed that she had wonderful memories that she shared with the late artist Al-Montaser Billah, documented by their artistic career in the works that they collected, especially on the stage, expressing her pride in the relationship that she had with the late artist and his family.

Sherihan and the victor in God
Sherihan and the victor in God

In a message on her official Twitter account, the star Sherihan expressed her grief over the news of the death of the victor in God, saying: “The news of the heart of the victorious God is a man, an artist and a dear friend who and his great and respected family, his wife Aziza and his daughters, or their three jewels, are an integral part of my good art and life. And my beautiful memories from the sake of your eyes to Muhammad Ali Street … I will never forget them and I will never forget him. “

The great artist Victor Billah passed away from our world the day before yesterday at the age of 70, after coming out with illness, in a hospital in Alexandria, he left our world, but his memory remains with the works that were dug in the memory of his fans and his fans, who consider him one of the most prominent pillars of comedy in Egypt.

In the last phone call of the “seventh day” with the wife of Al-Muntasir Billah, Aziza Kassab, before his death, she clarified the details of the development of his health condition as he refused to talk and communicate with people, and stopped the physiotherapy sessions a while ago due to the Corona virus crisis, and he no longer goes out of his room, as He was spending most of his time sleeping.

The wife of Al-Muntasir Billah added, “Of course, he is psychologically affected by the confusion of the house, because he did not sit and his whole life was movement, activity and work.”


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