Shocking appearance of Egyptian artist Gamal Youssef after suffering cancer (video and photos) – Erm News


The large number of astronauts were shocked Social MediaAfter the first appearance of the Egyptian artist Gamal Youssef, after announcing that he had nasopharyngeal cancer, as he appeared to have lost a lot of weight after he got sick.

Social media users shared pictures of the artist, Jamal Youssef, in which he looked pale and the bone of his body appeared, while he was speaking with difficulty in a video clip in which he appeared trying to reassure the audience of his health condition.

Pictures of the artist Jamal Youssef before the illness were published to compare them with his current situation, amid some talk of health betrayal, which is the largest in a person’s life and which he could be exposed to, amid calls for him for a speedy recovery, while many expressed their shock at his appearance.

A tweet called Muhammad Abu Auf, via Twitter, shared pictures of the artist Jamal Youssef, and many comments came out about them, including what was written by a tweet called “Israa” saying: “Our Lord heals every patient Cancer He relieves them and completes them with us in concealment and health until we meet them.

Ahmed Azmi added, “There is no god but God, our Lord heals him, O Lord, and heals him, and heals every patient. I swear by God, I am grieved,” while Dodo Muhammad wrote, saying: “Our Lord heals him and heals him and gives him peace, Lord, and keeps all people away from this dreaded disease.”

And another tweet wrote, saying: “There is no strength or power except with God.

And Izzat Abdo wrote, saying: “The artist, Jamal Youssef, our Lord, heal you, Lord, forgive you, and make you safe, Lord.

In the same context, “Erm News” contacted the Egyptian artist Ashraf Zaki, the head of the Egyptian Actors Syndicate, to see the details of the health status of the artist Gamal Youssef, and he said that his condition witnessed a great improvement during the last period, as he was speechless, but now he can speak.

Ashraf Zaki added that Jamal Youssef was lying in a special room in his home, and the doctors asked him not to make any effort to prevent his health from developing.

The audience knew the artist Jamal Youssef, through several works in television and cinema, where he participated in many works, including: “Hazrat the accused, Abi, Umm Kulthum, Fares without a horse, Abbas Al-Abyad in the Black Day, Raya and Sakina, the night and the end, Gardens of the Devil, days Sadat, Saidi is going to come, the jungle. ”


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