Smoking 3 cigarettes makes you vulnerable to infection with corona … it facilitates the entry of the virus into lung cells


Australian scientists found that smoking just 3 cigarettes could trigger a flurry of increased activity in a part of the genome that codes for a protein known as “ACE2What makes you vulnerable to infection with the Coronavirus, as the protein is located on the surface of many different types of cells in the human body, including the nose, lungs, and blood vessels.

Looks like ACE2 “Lock the key to the coronavirus, which is the spiky protein that allows the virus to enter the cell and hijack it.

Scientists have also found evidence that even secondhand smoke can have a similar effect on cells ACE2 In young children, this comes after a study conducted in August found that e-cigarette smokers are five times more likely to be infected with the Coronavirus, compared to those who do not use e-cigarettes.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” said, smoking, electronic fumigation and secondhand smoke can have harmful effects on the lungs and the wider respiratory system, so it is logical that they may increase the risks of Corona virus COVID-19 But scientists are still not very sure how or why this happened, as the body of evidence pointing to the effects of inhaled substances on genes ACE2 Increasing, in adult lungs, only 3 cigarettes can increase the activity of genes needed to build an enzyme.ACE2According to an international research team led by Ellen Weiz Alen FaizFrom the Australian University of Technology, Sydney.

Fayez said, Enzyme levels ACE2 It was lower in people who had stopped smoking for more than a month, adding, “Our preliminary data indicate that exposure to second-hand smoke in children aged one year increased an enzyme ACE2 In the airways.

His team also found higher levels of genes ACE2 In the nose compared to the airways in the lung, which indicates that the nose may be more accessible, but while it is known that the Coronavirus is using the angiotensin-converting enzyme to break into cells, so far, there is good evidence that nicotine increases the enzyme ACE2 , And good evidence that more receptors ACE2 It means more entry points for the Coronavirus.

Nicotine, the active, addictive and stimulant ingredient in both cigarettes and many e-cigarettes, is well known to stimulate an enzyme, the newspaper said. ACE2.

August’s research indicated that teens who smoke e-cigarettes are more likely to contract the coronavirus Covid-19 5 times, according to new research.

The risk increases approximately 7 times if they also use traditional cigarettes, and scientists have warned that both forms of smoking weaken the lungs..

The study is the first to investigate the link between devices and coronavirus cases in young people, using population data collected during the epidemic.

The newspaper said that although research related to cigarettes and smoking has revealed some intriguing results, such as an Italian study that smokers represent a smaller percentage of coronavirus patients in hospitals as is the case for the general population, the study indicates that these young people are more vulnerable. Coronavirus infection than they think.


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