Social media followers were shocked that I grew up and got engaged .. Video


Ahmed Emad said “Kazem” in a movie Dada Dodi, He did not expect the reactions of the audience to the social media after he published the photo of his engagement, pointing out that all the comments made him very happy, especially after the public was shocked about his different appearance after he got old.

Ahmed Emad added in a telephone interview on the “Inbox” program broadcast on the “Sada Al Balad” channel that he was 14 years old during his participation in the film Dada Dodi in 2008, following: “People are shocked because the film is going back a lot, but the film was shown 12 years ago.”

He pointed out that his role in Dada Dodi’s film was suspended with viewers despite his participation in more than one artistic and other film work, adding: “The actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz supported me and helped me a lot in the film and allowed me to repeat the crying scene more than once in order to appear sincerely.”

He added: Yasmine Abdel Aziz is a very stump, and Professor Salah Abdullah supported me and taught me, noting that he participated in many works, including his participation in the series Wanis and his grandchildren with the artist Mohamed Sobhi, who advised him to stay away from the spotlight a little so that he could complete his artistic career.

He explained that he participated in the shadow of the president and the war of Karmouz and high walls, adding that his followers in the social media encouraged him a lot to return to participate in artistic works during the coming period.

The pioneers of social media circulated a picture of the young artist Ahmed Emad from his engagement, who appeared in the movie Dada Dodi as the child Kazem, after he became a young man.

Ahmed Emad confused the pioneers of social media who found that his features have changed dramatically 12 years after the screening of the film, starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz.

Echo Al-Balad learned that the engagement took place on the northern coast, in the presence of his close friends and family members, while Ahmed Imad resides in Dubai during this period.


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