Source: The guards’ trainer is close to staying if Fyler leaves


A source confirmed to “Yalla Koura” that the goalkeeper coach in the technical staff of Al-Ahly club is the only one among the foreign staff in the coaching staff of Al-Ahmar who has no doubts about its continuation.

The source indicated that if the administration decided to thank Failer next Thursday, the general coach and the scheme for foreign loads would be subject to evaluation and their mission with Al-Ahly Club would end.

Al-Ahly’s board of directors agreed that Michel Yancon, the goalkeeper coach, would continue even after the departure of Swiss coach Weiler due to the confidence of management and guards in his abilities, and his welcome to stay.

In the event of Fyler’s departure, Al-Ahly will make a new contract for coach Michael Yankon to receive his salary on his personal bank account, as he currently gets his salary through Filer, whose salary and his assistants are fully transferred at his expense.


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