Sources: Google and Fitbit deal wins EU approval after new concessions


Google will win European Union antitrust approval for its $ 2.1 billion purchase of Fitbit fitness tracker, people familiar with the matter said, to confront Apple and Samsung in the wearable tech market, as the world’s most popular internet search engine on Tuesday made new concessions. To the European Commission, in an attempt to address concerns that the deal could bolster Google’s power in online advertising and boost its data set.

According to the Indian site TOI, Google said it has offered to restrict the use of Fitbit data for Google ads and will also tighten monitoring of this process, confirming a report to Reuters, and Google said in a statement: “We are also formalizing our long-standing commitment to support other manufacturers of Android wearables. And continue to allow Fitbit users to connect to third-party services via APIs if they want to. “

Third parties will also continue to access Fitbit user data, with the consent of the users, and the sources said that the concessions reported by Reuters earlier will clear the way for approval of the deal, and the commission, which is scheduled to decide on the agreement by December 23, refused to comment, and its decision may come. Before the deadline.

The agency responsible for implementing the competition in the European Union will now seek feedback from competitors and customers before deciding whether to accept Google’s concessions, demand more, delete or block details, and last month, it rejected Google’s pledge not to use fitness tracker data for advertising purposes in An attempt to address competition concerns, saying it was insufficient.

The deal has drawn criticism from healthcare providers, wearable competitors and privacy advocates, and Fitbit, which was once a leader in the wearable device market, had 3% of the global wearable device market as of the first quarter of 2020. Lagging behind Apple’s share of 29.3%, as well as Xiaomi, Samsung and Huawei data from the market research firm. International data company showed.

The committee recently asked Google’s competitors and customers about interoperability issues, what technical steps Google could take to prevent competition for Fitbit to increase its sales, and what might drive it to do so, according to a person familiar with the matter.

He also asked about the problems related to digital healthcare, what type of data Google needs, and where the US company can get it, the person said, indicating that concessions may be needed in these two areas.


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