Stop the virus from multiplying in rodents .. Does nasal spray become the mother’s solution?


6:00 pm

Tuesday 29 September 2020

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Some ask whether the nasal spray is the best solution in the face of the Coronavirus “Covid-19”, which has become threatening the world nearly 9 months after its appearance.

This comes after a scientific study found that the weekly nasal sprays can provide protection from Covid-19, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

Mice received two doses of the solution – which contains a synthetic molecule designed to boost the immune system – the day before they were exposed to the Coronavirus.

The results revealed that it reduced the reproduction of the virus in their noses and throat by 96 percent, which reduced the risk of infection.

The synthetic compound – called INNA-051 – is set to enter human trials within the next four months.

It was first developed to help protect against the common cold and flu, but it has not yet been approved because it has not been convincingly proven to be effective.

Previous research has shown rapid antiviral responses in throat cells from healthy volunteers and asthma sufferers, and provides “prolonged protection” to mice from the rhinovirus that causes runny nose in humans.

If approved, the treatment could provide additional defenses for those at high risk of COVID-19 including the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.

A paper detailing the INNA-051 experiment has been published on the research website bioRxiv, although it has not yet been reviewed by scientists.

The spray was developed by the Australian company Ena Respiratory, which is first in business in the search for a cure for the spread of the epidemic.

It contains molecules designed to stimulate TLR2 and TLR6 receptors on the mucous epithelial cells that line the throat and nose, attract pools of white blood cells and boost immunity.

The spray trial on rodents was led by Professor Miles Carroll, Deputy Director and Head of Research at Porton Down of Public Health England.

“We were amazed at how effective our treatment was, by boosting the natural immune response to rodents. We saw the rapid eradication of the virus. If humans respond in a similar way, the benefits of the treatment are doubled,” said Dr. Christoph Dimison, managing director of Melbourne-based Ena Respiratory.

He adds: “It is likely that individuals exposed to the virus will die quickly, while treatment ensures that the disease does not progress beyond mild symptoms, this is especially important for vulnerable members of society, in addition to this, the speed of this response means that it is less likely to transmit infection.” Infected individuals, which means a rapid halt to the transmission of infection in any community. “

If human trials prove successful, and the project is secured, the company said, the treatment could be quickly manufactured on a large scale.

“This is an important development as the world races to find a solution to stop the transmission of Covid-19 and infect populations at risk,” said Professor Roberto Solari, a consultant to the Ena Respiratory system and a professor at Imperial College London.

The most exciting thing is the ability of INNA-051 to significantly reduce virus levels in the nose and throat, which gives hope that this treatment can reduce the transmission of corona by infected people, especially those who may be without symptoms.

The treatment was designed to enhance protection against all respiratory diseases, unlike the Corona virus only, the experiment was conducted on 24 female loanees who received different doses of the spray and were anesthetized while taking them. Whether it will succeed.


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