Suarez “does it all” in the first 20 minutes in the Atletico Madrid shirt


It looked dangerous Suarez Clear in the first moments of his participation in the meeting in front of GranadaHe almost scored with a strong shot that adjacent to the post, before he obtained a penalty kick, but the referee canceled the decision after that, while the player was preparing to implement it.

Moments later, Suarez scored his first goal in a shirt AtleticoFrom a great header, he placed it at the end of the goal in an arched way.

Suarez concluded his opening match by scoring his second goal in person, and the sixth for his team, which won 6-1, when he hit a strong ball that hit the post, to return to him and put it as a trick for the goalkeeper, in stoppage time.

Suarez became modern Social mediaAfter his remarkable brilliance in his first match with Atletico, days after his “sad” farewell to Barcelona.

Suarez had been “forced” out of the Camp Nou, by the desire of the administration, the mother who had aroused many criticisms, the first of which was from the star of the team. Lionel MessiSuarez’s best friend.


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