Summary of the Barcelona and Villarreal match in La Liga, “Fati gets deep and sinks submarines”


Submit to you a site Mercato Day Summit summary Today’s matches in a La Liga between Barcelona AndVillarreal, To calculate the 3rd round of a contest La Liga.

The match starts Barcelona Villarreal at 19:00 GMT, 21:00 local time Egypt , 22:00 am Saudi , On Camp Nou stadium In Catalonia.

Moved on BBC Sports The first with the voice of the sports commentator The Algerian Hafeez Darraji. It also broadcasts on Match Football 1, the Bulgarian Sport Plus channel, andBN Sports First French, La Liga TV Bar, Dazen 2 HD, Dazen Italia First Channel, and La Liga TV in Britain.

And did not choke Barcelona Any match since the start of the current season 2021/2020, due to his preoccupation with the Joan Gamper Cup match, and he also got a longer vacation than Real Madrid Due to qualifying for the quarter-finals Champions League Last season.

As for Villarreal He played two La Liga rounds in the past 10 days against Huesca and Eibar, and managed to collect 4 points to finish eighth, two points behind Bates, the leaders from 3 games.

Villarreal failed to achieve any victory Barcelona Since March 2008 when they won at the Camp Nou 2-1, the team has lost 18 times, and drawn 6 times.

Click here to watch the Barcelona and Villarreal match in the Spanish League

Barcelona 4-0 Villarreal

🏟 Camp Nou stadium (Catalonia)

🏆 La Liga (Round 3)


  • 🤝 Welcome to this live written broadcast of the summit meeting between Barcelona and Villarreal in La Liga
  • 🎙 I accompany you on this live coverage, “Mahmoud Maher” from the live broadcast center on Mercato Day.
  • 🟢 Update this page regularly during the course of the game for the minutest details
  • This is the first official match for the new Barca coach, “Ronald Koeman”, a difficult test after Luis Suarez was expelled and a series of problems that the team suffered after Messi submitted a request to leave.
  • 🟥 Barcelona squad today: Norberto Morara Neto – Jordi Alba – Lenglet – Gerard Pique – Sergi Roberto – Sergio Busquets – Frenkie de Jong – Ansu Fati – Philippe Coutinho – Lionel Messi – Antoine Griezmann.
  • 🟨 🟦 Villarreal assortment today: Sergio Asenjo – Pau Torres – Estobinan – Raul Albiol – Mario Jasper – Chocoise – Danny Parejo – Francis Coquelin – Moi Gomez – Paco Alcather – Gerard Moreno.
  • first half

Barcelona and Villarreal match in La Liga (photos: AFP)
Barcelona and Villarreal match in La Liga (Photos: AFP)
  • 1 ″ The whistle at the start of the match.
  • 5 Barcelona is determined to register early and end the evening as quickly as possible.
  • 10 ″ Barcelona is the best and closest … without any of Villarreal
  • 13 ″ Awwww… a very nice ball from Ansu Fati towards Messi .. The defense intervenes and prevents Messi from reaching the ball in time.
  • 15″ ⚽️ جووووووووووووووووول… Barcelonas first goal, after a missile shot by Ansu Fati, went into the right scissor of Villarreal’s goal. Asenjo couldn’t do anything with her.
  • 15 ″ Jordi Alba receives a long ball from Lengli on the left corridor..then passes the cross to Fati, who met the ball with one touch directly into the goal ..
  • 16 ″ Barcelonas left flank at the start of this match offers very strong work ..
  • 17 ″ Up to this point, we have not felt Antoine Griezmann’s presence … Has he been pushed ?? Completely absent from the atmosphere of the game.
  • 19″ ⚽️ جوووووووووووووووووول… Barcelona’s second goal by Ansu Fati, with the help of Philippe Coutinho.
  • 19 ″ The second goal started with a quick counterattack led by Philippe Coutinho from the midfield … and he kept running without any pressure or harassment from Villarreal’s midfielders, to pass through to Fati inside the penalty area.
Ansu Fati is the star of the Barcelona and Villarreal match
Ansu Fati, Barcelona and Villarreal star – Getty Photos
  • 34 ″ Oooooooooooo… The first match star “Ansu Fati” gets a correct penalty kick after being blocked by Mario Jasper inside the ops box while passing very high individual skill on the left side of the area ..
  • 34 ″ Villarreal’s right side confronting Ansu Fati is suffering two things, very bad today, and the cause of all problems!
  • 35″ ⚽️ جووووووووووووووووول… .The third goal for Barcelona through Lionel Messi, after a penalty kick.
  • 45″ ⚽️ جوووووووووووووووووووول… a fourth goal for Barca from friendly fire … a cross by Lionel Messi, Villarreal defender “Pau Torres” failed to disperse it and deposited it in the net.
  • 45 ″ Pau Torres was trying to clear Messi’s cross before reaching Sergio Busquets.
  • 46 ″ The whistle at the end of the first half, Barcelona made a very unexpected result !!
  • Second half

Lionel Messi in the Barcelona and Villarreal match
Lionel Messi in the Barcelona and Villarreal match – Getty Photos
  • 45 ″ The beginning of the second half.
  • 46 ″ First changeover in Villarreal with the descent of midfielder “Ibora”.
  • 46 ″ 🔄 Two substitutions at the same time for Villarreal by descending “Ebora and Tregoros” instead of Paco Alcazir and Francis Coquelin ..
  • 47 ″ Fireworks start around the Camp Nou stadium.
  • 47 ″ 🎇 Intense fireworks .. Barca fans celebrate the team’s opening season.
  • 48 ″ Oooooooooooooooow… an amazing double action between Fati and Messi, ending with a very sly pass from Fati towards Messi inside the box of operations, Messi hit it with one touch in the hand of the goalkeeper who caught her.
  • 49 ″ 🎇 The Barcelona crowd outside the Camp Nou stadium is heard.
  • 50 ″ 🎇 Fireworks around the Camp Nou stadium “Continuous Show” ..
  • 51 ″ 💥💥💥🎇 Amazing scene around Camp Nou ..
  • 64 ″ 💥💥💥💥💥 The fireworks are continuing at this moment … Villarreal controls the course of the meeting.
  • 64 ″ ☄️ Oooooh… A beautiful curved shot by Lionel Messi that is gracefully removed by the Villarreal goalkeeper into a corner.
  • 70 Two substitutions in the ranks of Barcelona with “Pedri and Osman Dembele”, replacing Coutinho and Fati.
  • 74 ″ Japanese talented “Kobo” takes the place of Nigerian Shukwise in Villarreal’s squad.
  • 78 ″ Two new substitutions in the ranks of Barcelona, ​​with “Trinkau and Miralem Pjanic”, replacing Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Busquets …
  • 83 ″ yellow card for Villarreal striker “Gerard Moreno”.
  • 84 ″ 🔄 The last changes to Villarreal and coach Unai Emery by going down “Morey and Carlos Bacca” instead of Raul Albiol and Gerard Moreno.
  • 85 ″ 🔥 Oooooooh… a beautiful curved shot from the Portuguese substitute “Trinkau” that the Villarreal goalkeeper pushed away, to bounce and find Lionel Messi, who dodged skillfully and from the middle of 3 players who shot a dropped ball, goalkeeper Asenjo gets up and moves it to a corner with a quick jump ..
  • 86 ″ Villarreal continues to try to score the face-saving goal.
  • 87 ″ Kubo made the difference on the front lines .. This boy should not be sitting on the Villarreal bench.
  • 88 ″ Villarreal’s attempts are prone to rushing .. If they focused a little, they would have scored one or two goals at least.
  • 89 ″ We play in the last minute and Villarreal is still in possession and trying … amid a strong defense from Barcelona, ​​who does not want to concede any goal.
  • 90 ″ Referee adds 3 minutes of lost time.
  • 93 ″ final whistle.
Parejo and Baku Alkathir in the Villarreal and Barcelona match
Parejo and Baku Alkathir in the Villarreal-Barcelona match – Getty Images

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