Symptoms require immediate consultation of an oncologist


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Symptoms require immediate consultation of an oncologist


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Andrei Kaprin, chief oncologist at the Russian Ministry of Health, revealed the symptoms that should not be ignored and require immediate consultation with a doctor.

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According to the specialist Kaprin, signs such as feeling tired during a long period can indicate a cancerous disease, as well as losing weight without following a specific diet, especially when accompanied by a high body temperature, without a cold, and also a persistent cough for a long time.

He says, “In addition to these signs, any blood secretions when coughing, nosebleeds for a long time, blood in urine and faeces, all are symptoms that cause concern, and require a doctor’s consultation quickly.”

The specialist stressed the need to monitor the health status of those around the person and bring them to conduct the necessary medical examinations as well, when any of these symptoms appear with them.

Source: Novosti


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