Taha Ismail: It is not valid for Fyler to escape as a young child from the conference


Taha Ismail, former head of the Al-Ahly club planning committee, denounced the withdrawal of Al-Ahly’s technical director, Fyler, from the press conference after their match in front of their counterpart in the arsenal, after being asked about his position on staying in the Red Castle.

Ismail added, during his speech in the analytical studio of the Al-Ahly and Arsenal match: “The attendees have the right to ask, and if there is a departure from literature, it is the right of Fyler to object, and he has the right to answer or not, but he must be prepared for all possibilities, but it is not correct for him to run away like a child Little”.

And the former head of the Al-Ahly club planning committee continued: “This is the last contact between you and these attendees. What is the message that the media will send to the whole world and to the players, the fans and your team? What is the message that you presented? You presented a bad message. You are not sorry for you.” You could have had the courage and say to me Family circumstances, my wife, and I thank the team and the club, but it does not have this thing.

Ismail concluded his speech with: “This scene may top many newspapers in the world, and it is a bad message in sympathy for a worse performance.”

Al-Ahly had beaten his counterpart Al-Tarsana with two goals to one during the match that brought them together in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup.

It is reported that responsible sources in Al-Ahly club indicated earlier that Musimani, the coach of the South African Sundowns team, will take over the task of training Al-Ahly early next October.


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