Taha Ismail opens fire on Fyler and confirms: You will regret leaving


Taha Ismail, the former star of Al-Ahly, launched a fiery attack on the Swiss, Rene Fyler, the coach of Al-Ahly because of his method of dealing with the Red Castle. And the public and all the children of Al-Ahly until Corona came and the change took place. ”

And Taha Ismail continued: “When a coach cares about every big and small in his team before stopping and then returns, he does not care and does not ask about anything, he does not know who has recovered from the injury and who is still qualifying and does not care about the question, then there is something changed and this coach has started thinking about something else. “.

And Taha Ismail added, “I was hoping that Fyler would invest his presence in Al-Ahly and achieve great achievements that he would not achieve with any other club, and I say them with a full mouth.

And Taha Ismail continued: “Fyler will regret his departure from Al-Ahly and will know later that he lost something wonderful that he cannot compensate. Al-Ahly does not say anything to anyone and achieves championships with the Egyptian or foreign coach or even the temporary coach. There is no dispute on that. We are a club that reaps titles even if its coach is weak thanks to The stability of the club, the support of its fans and the spirit of its players. ”

And he continued: “We will not underestimate Fyler his right, for he was exhausted, but before stopping, so I gave him seven out of ten with Al-Ahly.”

And about Mosimane’s choice to train Ahly Taha Ismail said: “A successful choice, he is the coach of the stage and is most familiar with the African teams that Al-Ahly faces every year.”


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