Tariq Suleiman, on the Al-Ahly guards coach: Who deserves to be commended?


Tariq Soliman, the former goalkeeper coach of Al-Ahly club, spoke about the comparison with Michel Yancon, the coach of the team’s guards, in light of the brilliance of international goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawy and the achievement of a new record after reaching 23 “Clean Sheet” in the Egyptian League.

Suleiman said, in the host of the “Match” program on the “Echo of the Country” channel: “Who deserves to be praised after El-Shenawi’s brilliance in the last four years? ? “.

He added: “Certainly, it is calculated to Michel Yancon that Mohamed El-Shenawi presented a historic season, but El-Shenawi’s performance is an extension of his brilliance in recent years, as he participated in the 2018 World Cup after playing 31 matches with Al-Ahly in that season, which witnessed remarkable brilliance for him.”

He explained: “Mohamed El-Shennawi would have deserved to win the best goalkeeper award in the 2019 African Nations Cup, had it not been for the final match.”

And the former coach of Al-Ahly guards said: “I did not see Michel Yancon until I can clarify my opinion on his level, but I watch Al-Shenawi’s performance, which continues to shine.”


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