Tariq Yahya calls on Jabaliya to postpone the Zamalek matches: “The player is not able to walk.”


Tariq Yahya, the former technical director of Zamalek, called on the five-member committee officials to follow their counterparts in the Moroccan Federation and make a decision to postpone the local Al-Ahly and Zamalek matches in preparation for the Wydad and Moroccan Raja matches in the African Champions League. FM, “I learned that the Moroccan Federation took a decision to be the last match of Raja and Wydad yesterday and today, and the two teams will not play any local match until they have a full opportunity to prepare for Al-Ahly and Zamalek.”

Tariq Yahya added, “I wish the five-year committee deals with the logic of the Moroccan Union with Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and I particularly mention Zamalek because Al-Ahly has the luxury of resting its players after the league has been decided, while Zamalek cannot because resting players means losing and then losing the runner-up title.”.

Tariq Yahya continued, “I told Chancellor Mortada Mansour that Zamalek will not play other matches before traveling, and I appeal to the Five-Year Committee in the name of all Zamalek fans in the Arab world. I wish there was a decision not to compete.” Zamalek Any local match, at least 10 days before the Moroccan Raja match, so that the players are rested and a friendly match before the African match. The Zamalek player will not be able to play 4 matches in countries that are not able to walk. Tariq Hamed said to me, I don’t want to go out. I told him that I don’t take Fadel for 13 minutes. .

And about the El Gouna match, Tariq Yahya said, “A very good team, El Gouna is raising big clubs with ambition and a tendency to win because most of their players were brought up inside Al-Ahly and Zamalek, and even their professional fabric is completely different, for example the striker Walter Bwalia is terrifying and annoying and will not complete his career with them in the new season, as well as the Defender.” The Ethiopian, and I told the players, Zamalek, before the match, we will face a team that missed the League championship last season when we drew 2/2 in El Gouna

Yahya added, “I am excused as a group, the Zamalek players have been training with Carteron with a certain system for 7 months. I will not be able to change it in ten days and continue on the same system. I know that we have a problem in the fixed ball, but Carteron depends on the” Zon Place “method and winning is the most important at the time. Current to ensure runner-up title.

Tariq Yahya added, “I have compassion for the Zamalek players from being tired, and I am under Pachecos order if I want to know any need about the team. I am under the command of Zamalek.”“.


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