Tariq Yahya: I do not want to be a “trend” and this is the whole story with Ashraf bin Sharqi


Tariq Yahya, the former coach of Zamalek club, talked about the scenes of his recent crisis with Ashrab Bin Sharqi, the white team player, which occurred in the team’s match against El Gouna, which ended in favor of the White Knight with a score of 4-3 in the 30th round of the Premier League competition.

The cameras showed a strong argument between Bin Sharqi and Tariq Yahya during the Moroccan player’s exit from the stadium in the 56th minute after he had been substituted and then left inside the dressing room and did not sit with his colleagues on the bench.

Yahya confirmed in radio statements that Bin Sharqi’s objection was not in the way that was inflated on social media platforms, and that the player had been absent from participating in matches for 3 weeks, and that as the team’s technical director, he made sure to rest him for fear of his injury again.

He added that Ashraf bin Raqi wanted to play until the end of the match, so he said to him (With your permission, Ashraf, please go out), and then the Moroccan player came to apologize, saying (I am sorry, Captain Tariq, you have a right to me.

Regarding his statements after the match in which he said that the players of El Gouna, belonging to Al-Ahly club, verbally attacked Zamalek, Yahya replied that social communication has become exaggeratedly exaggerating matters in Egypt, and that he is not looking for a “trend” as he speaks spontaneously and that he respects the El Gouna team and Yasser Rayan The former Al-Ahly star, and he was surprised by Ryan’s statements.

Yasser Rayan, the father of Ahmed Yasser, the striker of El Gouna, said yesterday after the match: “Tariq Yahya loves to do trends. Raising my son is strong.


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