Tariq Yahya refuses to arrest Bin Sharqi and recommends that he be fined financially after the incident of his transgression


Tariq Yahya, the former coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, revealed the position of Zamalek Club about fining Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the team’s player, after his improper interception during the El Gouna match, and Tariq Yahya confirmed in televised statements: “If I am continuing in my position as manager A technician will fine him financially, but I will participate in the matches because of his apology. ”

He continued: “I am not continuing in my position in order to interfere with the matter of fining the player, and I will not recommend that he be fined or suspended, and this has become outside my powers .. Ashraf bin Sharqi is my friend and my son before he was a player in the Zamalek club, and he apologized to me after objecting inappropriately.”

And he continued: “Ashraf bin Sharqi did not go beyond saying a text, captain, I am ready, and then I apologized and said I am sorry and I did not mean, he is a respectable player and I did not pass.”

He continued: “I substituted Bin Sharqi because of his physical decline and his absence from defense coverage, which is the reason for his change.”

As Yahya said, I refused to work in the coaching staff of Micho, the coach of Zamalek previously, because he saw me running Zamalek, and this may cause him a state of anxiety because he believes I interfere in the work of the technical staff .. The reason for my refusal to work with Micho is the same reason that I refuse him to work with Pacheco “.
Tariq Yahya confirmed that Tariq Hamed requested the substitution 16 minutes before the end of the match, but I was determined to continue it because he is an important player in the team and is indispensable.

And about the recommendations that he will deliver to the new technical staff of the Zamalek club, led by Pacheco, he explained: “I will ask to rest some of the players, headed by Mahmoud Alaa and Mahmoud Al-Wensh, and there are some recommendations that cannot be disclosed in the media.”
And he concluded: “Mustafa Mohamed continues in the Zamalek club and will not leave at the current time, and he is a center with Zamalek and will continue until the end of the African Championship.”

Zamalek won a difficult 4/3 victory over El Gouna in the meeting that brought them together this evening, Sunday, at Cairo International Stadium in the 30th round of the Premier League competition. El Gouna advanced through Walter Bwalia in the 14th minute, then Ahmed Sayed Zizou scored the equalizer. In the 39th minute, and after that Youssef Obama scored the second goal in the 56th minute, before Mahmoud Alaa added the third from a penalty kick in the 65th minute, and Walter Bwalia returned to reduce the difference by scoring the second goal for El Gouna in the 76th minute, and in the 79th minute Louai Wael scored the equalizer for El Gouna, In the 90 + 3 minute, Mahmoud Alaa scored the fourth goal for his team from a penalty kick.

With this result, Zamalek’s balance rises to point 61 in second place, while El-Gounas balance is frozen at point 31 in the thirteenth place.


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