Tariq Yahya reveals the scenes of his crisis with Bencharki


Tariq Yahya, the former coach of Zamalek club, revealed the scenes of the crisis that occurred between him and Ashraf Bensharki, the white team player, when he was substituted during the team’s match against El Gouna in the Egyptian We League.

Zamalek met with El Gouna yesterday evening, Sunday, in the 30th round of the Egyptian Premier League Championship, in the match that the white team made 4-3.

During radio statements for the “Falcon Stadium” program, Yahya said: “Ashraf Bencharki’s objection was not in the way that some tried to raise and inflate it in the media or social media.”

And he added: “Ashraf objected to his exit as he wanted to complete the match, and I told him a text (after your permission, Ashraf, if you would allow, go out).

Regarding the reason for his replacement, the former Zamalek coach said: “Some people blamed me for replacing my Sharqi, but the player was absent for 3 weeks, so it was not reasonable for him to participate in a full 90 minutes, and in the second half his physical performance greatly decreased, and it was better for him to leave him out of fear for him.” From injury. ”


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