Terrorism and the Renaissance Dam .. Sisi’s most prominent messages in his speech to the Assembly


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Wednesday 23 September 2020

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President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi sent many messages during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly meeting through “video conference”, the focus of which was confronting terrorism and the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

Sisi’s messages came as follows:

Egypt has a vision to improve the performance and development of the effectiveness of the international multilateral system, with a special focus on the United Nations.

– It is necessary that we all adopt an approach that ensures the implementation of decisions issued in multilateral frameworks, with priority given to implementing stable and consistent rules and principles.

– Actively following up on the implementation of what has been agreed upon and taking all necessary measures to help states implement their obligations and build their capacities, taking into account the principle of national ownership and the other.

– Work to hold countries accountable for violating international law and UN resolutions, in particular Security Council resolutions.

– It is no longer acceptable that binding Security Council resolutions in the fight against terrorism remain without effective implementation.

It is regrettable that the international community continues to turn a blind eye to the support of a handful of countries for terrorists, whether with money and weapons, or by providing safe havens and media and political platforms.

– Egypt adheres to the path of political settlement in Libya led by the United Nations on the basis of the political agreement signed in Skhirat, the outcomes of the Berlin conference and the “Cairo Declaration” launched by the Speaker of Parliament and the commander of the Libyan National Army, which is a joint and comprehensive political initiative to end the conflict in Libya.

– The repercussions of the crisis are not limited to the Libyan interior, but affect the security of neighboring countries and international stability.

– To continue fighting and bypassing the red line represented by the “Sirte – Al-Jufra” line, Egypt will confront it in defense of its national security and the safety of its people.

The Palestinian people aspire to the most basic human rights, which is to live in their independent state, side by side with the rest of the region.

– The Syrian crisis has an urgent matter to extinguish the burning war and implement all elements of the political settlement in accordance with Security Council Resolution No. (2254) … without cutting or delaying, in a way that achieves Syrias unity, territorial integrity, integrity of its institutions, the aspirations of its people, and the complete elimination of terrorism.

– The time has come for a decisive stand to end the crisis in Yemen by implementing the terms of reference for settling the conflict in accordance with Security Council Resolution No. (2216), the Gulf initiative and the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue.

– There is a growing concern of the Egyptian nation about the Renaissance Dam project, which is being built by a neighboring and friendly country on the River that has given life to millions of people over thousands of years.

The Nile River is not the monopoly of a party, and its waters are for Egypt a necessity for survival without detracting from the rights of brothers.

We set out to promote our march in the field of human rights on all levels: political, economic and social.

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