The artist Jamal Youssef was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer .. Ashraf Zaki confirms that he received treatment and his condition improved


Young actor Jamal Youssef suffers from “pharyngeal cancer”, and his friend, director Tamer Hamzah, published a leaflet asking to pray for him after suffering with the disease.

Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the acting professions and president of the Academy of Arts, said in a special statement to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that Jamal Youssef was diagnosed with pharyngeal cancer 3 months ago, but he is currently at his home and is receiving treatment and his condition is constantly improving.

The director Tamer Hamza published a picture of the artist Jamal Youssef through his Facebook account, and commented on it: The one in the picture is a fellow representative named Jamal Youssef, and as you do, you will see a beautiful, good and pure laugh, ten 25 years.

Hamzah continued: He got sick from him, and he doesn’t need anything that is far from our Lord. He transgresses from her well and does safety. Please call, Jamal needs our call.


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