The beautiful pizza contains health problems .. Know it and squeeze a lemon


Who among us does not like to eat pizza, this magical Italian dough that makes people feel happy when eating it.

And pizza came out of Italy at the end of the nineteenth century to spread all over the world and have specialized shops in all countries.

Harmful pizza

Eating pizza always causes psychological conflict because of its beautiful taste and at the same time its health risk due to the high calories it contains.

The site “netdoctor” medical, referred to what scientists confirmed that about 20% of teenagers and children around the world consume pizza on a daily basis in their meals.

Pizza can add about 202 extra prices for children and 365 for teenagers if it is eaten as a snack between the main meals, and Dr. Lisa Powell, a specialist in nutritional sciences, explained that children and teenagers on the days that they eat pizza do not make up for it by eating healthy food.

Pizza contains a large amount of fat and calories, which leads to obesity and raises the level of cholesterol in the blood, which increases the risk of stroke.

Also, the sauce used in pizza contains large amounts of preservatives that exhaust the body’s immune system and harm it.

The cheese used in pizza gives it a delicious look and taste, but it is very harmful because it contains fats that lead to obesity, and also the eggs used in making pizza dough lead to raising the level of enzymes in the liver if eaten on a daily basis, which affects the general health of the individual.

Scientists believe that to reduce the harmful effects of pizza, it is necessary to improve the nutritional level of healthy unprocessed meats in pizza, not to use oils and hydrogenated margarines, in addition to reducing the quantities of pizza and not eating it on a daily basis.

It is also recommended to use whole grain flour from the lowest to make a healthier pizza that is lower in calories.


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