The body of Al-Muntasir Billah arrives at Abu Seifin Church to start the funeral ceremony .. Video


The body of the late artist Al-Muntasir Billah arrived in the Abu Sifin Church in Mohandessin a short while ago, before the funeral ceremonies began. Next Monday and Tuesday, the Church of the Virgin Mary in Maraachli Street, Zamalek.

Yesterday, the great artist Victor Billah passed away in a hospital in Alexandria after a struggle with illness. The late artist had suffered for more than 10 years from several chronic diseases that began with him in 2008 when he suffered a stroke, which caused his exclusion from acting for two years, and when he returned he did not He continues for a long time until he returns to the effect of the disease on him, but he was biased towards himself to present some work that does not require effort, such as radio series, or to participate as a guest of honor in a scene or episode of some work, so he appeared in the television series Man and Six Women, and the radio General on the righteousness of love.

Al-Muntasir Billah is an experienced artist who obtained a master’s degree in theatrical arts 8 years after his graduation from the Institute of Arts, specifically in 1977, and his first appearance was with his three-stage theater group at the beginning of the seventies immediately after his graduation, to set his foot steadily in the artistic milieu and shine in the embodiment of the characters he presents, especially if It was humorous, and although he did not attain absolute heroism, in most of his work he was the focus of events, and the influential personality.

The late married artist Aziza Kassab, who retired from art to devote himself to caring for her three daughters. As for his most important works, they are many and varied between theater, cinema and television drama. Among his most important films are: You answer her like that. You give her like that, the walls of the tanneries, the challenge, the stare understands, the difficult time, the succubus The one who loved me, Tayeb Effendi, the scandal, teacher Samah, Al-Mughnati, an Egyptian citizen, Haret Al-Gohary ,, yahbab yatqeb, we love and bore, thick lips, against the government, poor but happy, lawyer under training, forbidden to students, we regret this mistake, hayesa people and people Aisa, oh what you are generous, Lord.


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