The clearinghouse announces that Ihab Jalal has received an offer that does not refuse from Pyramids


Walid Howaidi, director of football in the Egypt Clearing Team, admitted that Ihab Jalal, the technical director of the team, has a financially tempting offer and does not refuse from the Pyramids club, confirming that Jalal is not in the clearing camp to confront the Masr club, and Howedy said in a telephone interview for the Hour program with Schubert via On Sport FM Radio “Ihab Jalal did not miss the clearing training yesterday, but he saw the training from the stands, and I see that there is a great intimidation of events inside the clearing house, especially that we are dealing with a committed coach and we have problems that we talked about clearly and did not hide them.”

Walid Howaidi added, “The departure of Major General Mohamed Abdel Salam from the clearing company management left some financial crises for the team, and recently Major General Abdul Salam tries to solve them. We gave the players after confronting Tanta with checks. The first was disbursed on Sunday and Monday, and the second was due to be paid on the first of October, and most of the players got from 60 to 80% of their contracts are with the club, but the crisis concerns new players, contract introductions, and some divisions of the club. ”

And the director of the ball in the clearing, “Ihab Jalal conducted a rapid test in preparation for the match of the Egyptian Club, otherwise he would not be present in the meeting according to the requirements of the Football Association, and he will manage the match today, but he is not present in the camp at the present time, and this is the policy of Ihab Jalal, who lives next to the clearing camps hotel in Heliopolis, and therefore the coach does not appear in Clearing camps for all previous matches, not just today’s match. ”

Walid Howaidi continued.Ihab Jalal He has some health conditions, but he will lead the Egyptian Club match and the next Al-Ahly match, and if we ask him to complete the season with the clearing, he will agree immediately because he is not selfish and he took over the training of our team in very difficult circumstances and stood with us and his male players who deserve thanks. ”

He continued, “There is no truth to talking about the players’ solidarity with Ihab Jalal, all of us, not the players, are in solidarity with Ihab Jalal, but the coach himself refuses to make his players do such behavior, and Ihab Jalal has previously rejected an offer to train the Egyptian Port Said in order to ensure the clearing and his survival in the Premier League.” .

“Ihab Jalal received an offer that he did not refuse from Pyramids, he did not tell me about it, but I know that Pyramids’ offers are a big move for the player and coach in financial terms, but Jalal has not made his final decision so far, and he is a personal friend of mine and I know very well that he abides by his contracts,” added the director of the ball in the clearing. We will not stand before him and make the decision that suits Ihab Jalal. ”

On the authority of Muhammad Ibrahim, Walid Howaidi said: “A professional player when appropriate conditions arose for him, so he regained his technical and physical form, and I hope that he returns to external professionalism, especially since we do not yet have official offers to contract with the player. All are friendly talks with the player’s agent and some clearing officials and we wait for the end of the season to settle the fate of the player and we confirm We will not stand before Mohamed Ibrahim’s wish, because the goal of the clearing is investment. “


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