The court lady’s defense is claiming her innocence for 4 reasons


The Nozha Misdemeanor Court, held in Heliopolis, heard today, Wednesday, in the second session of the trial of the Chancellor, the imam, known in the media as the “Lady of the Court”, forbade the defense of the accused.

The defendant’s defense before the court held his client’s innocence, due to the absence of criminal intent in the incident, with the absence of the case of flagrante delicto, and the invalidity of investigations received from the security services of the Cairo Security Directorate, with the testimony of witnesses and the ploy of the accusation invalid.
The defendant’s defense also demanded that the incident be referred to the Constitutional Court, a text of the Administrative Prosecution Law, and he requested that a medical copy be extracted from the medical file indicating the reason for his client’s pension.
The Attorney General had decided to refer a public prosecutor at the Administrative Prosecution Authority to criminal prosecution. For her assault on a police officer by gesturing and saying while he was performing his job, and violating him by force and violence during and because of that, and with her transgression, it caused wounds to him, as well as deliberately destroying movable property that she does not own, which resulted in financial damage.
The Public Prosecution’s investigations had ended with the defendant’s assault on the commander of the guards of the Heliopolis Courts Complex by saying that if he inspected the security situation in the court, after he had warned her that she should wear a medical mask in accordance with the precautionary measures, and stopped photographing some of the court employees while performing their work, which constitutes an act punishable by law, then When she kept her cell phone to stop filming, she violated it, destroyed his military rank and a wireless device in his possession, and caused injuries to him, so he kept it and wrote a note of the incident that he attached to a photo of it, which was circulated on social media.

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