The cross of “Nour Amr Diab” baffles the social. Watch


Nour Amr Diab raised a state of great controversy among many followers, and this is through her official account on the photo and video exchange site “Instagram”, and this came with a new image that she published, and it is one of the things that caused a great controversy among the followers.

Pictures of the cross of “Nour Amr Diab” baffle the social

It is also mentioned that Nour appeared in the pictures that commented on her saying “Hold my hair buns” while wearing a long-sleeved blouse with a waist belt and jeans, which is one of the latest pictures and looks that have appeared at the present time, and it is one of the latest looks and distinctive images that appeared in it At the moment it has got a lot of viewership rates right now.

But this view drew attention to her a lot as the image of Nour appeared wearing a chain in the form of a “cross” and this is what sparked a great controversy among many followers, if many comments came “a cross” and another comment “a question is this cross” and “this is a cross Really?”.

Many other comments came that made it clear that this series symbolizes one of the most famous international brands, and it takes this form and that it is not a cross, and Nour began to interact with all her followers by publishing many of her photos through her personal account on Instagram and you get Comments have many different responses.


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