The daughter of the artist Al-Montasser Billah falls into a fit of crying in the air after the departure of her father (video)


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Sarah, the daughter of the late artist Al-Muntasir Billah Riad, entered a fit of crying on the air during a phone call to her with the journalist “Qaswa Al Khalali”, the presenter of the program “The Evening With Qaswaa”, broadcast on the “Ten” satellite channel.

Sarah expressed her deep sadness at the death of her father, after a long journey of creativity, who passed away at the age of 70 years.

For her part, Qaswa Al Khalali expressed her sincere condolences to the daughter of the late artist, all members of his family and the entire artistic community, stressing that the late artist is an artistic value and stature who presented many distinguished works and was famous for his humorous spirit.

Al-Khalali said: “Our sincere condolences to you, Sarah, and to all the family of the late, upscale artist, Al-Muntasir Allah, who passed away and left a sophisticated and distinguished artistic heritage.”

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