The dean of Alexandria medicine denies receiving presenter Hayat Dardiri after news of her suicide attempt


Dr. Wael Nabil, Dean of the College of Medicine denied Alexandria UniversityThe news circulating about any university hospitals and centers receiving former broadcaster Hayat Dardiri.

Dr. Wael said: All the news circulating and published about this matter is completely false.

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For her part, Dr. Maha Ghanem, Director of the Poison Center at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, refused to make any statements about the center’s reception of the presenter, the wife of the journalist Tawfiq Okasha.

And she strongly refused to comment about whether or not the center had received the former broadcaster, who was poisoned as a result of a suicide attempt, as some traded.

The director of the center confirmed that the center is among its policy not to disclose the names of the injured or the type of their injury in order to preserve the patient’s privacy..

Social media pioneers circulated some news about The Poisons Center at the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, received the media, Hayat Dardiri, after suffering a severe case of poisoning, and she was subsequently transferred to the University Hospital in central Alexandria.

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