The death of a girl who took medication in the New Valley


Today, Sunday, a young woman was killed after taking medicinal tablets in the Dakhla center in the New Valley Governorate.

Major General Mohamed Tawfiq, Director of New Valley Security, received a notification from the Emergency Police Department, stating that a young body had arrived at the morgue of Dakhla General Hospital.

By examination, it was found that M.R.M., 22 years old, residing in villages west of al-Mawhoub in the Dakhla Center, died due to a sharp drop in blood circulation and respiration after consuming medicinal tablets of unknown origin. She was transferred to Dakhla General Hospital, which decided to transfer her to Assiut University Hospital, and she died. Before going to Assiut University Hospital.

The body of the deceased was placed in the morgue of Dakhla General Hospital, at the disposal of the Public Prosecution Office to conduct investigations.

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