The death of the publisher Riad Rayyes in Beirut


The late had started his literary career with Al Hayat NewspaperWhere he was sent as a reporter to Vietnam In 1966, before continuing his experience in the journalistic field with Ghassan Tueni.

وخال The Lebanese Civil WarFrom London, Al-Rayyes published “Al-Manar” newspaper, which was the first Arab newspaper to be published in Europe. Then he founded the “Riyadh Al-Rayyes Books and Publishing” company in 1986 and later moved it to Beirut.

Al-Rayes has many books, noting that the last book signed by Al-Rayes is “Journalism of Forgetting,” according to “Reuters”.

Al-Rayyes comes from a literary family. His father, the late Najeeb al-Rayyis, was a journalist and a brilliant writer.

Social networking sites were full of mourning words for the late, as many considered his death a “grave literary loss.”

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