“The Egyptian Theater … Respect yourself … and I eat you,” … a “photographed” crisis between


“Masr Theater” .. With that match, the crisis arose between Reda Abdel Aal, the technical director of Tanta, and Ibrahim Said, the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek player.

Ibrahim Saeed appeared in several videos through his personal account on Twitter, to attack Reda Abdel-Al, on his background, knowing that the latter issued statements against him.

Said said: “In response to Rida Abdel Aal, on the day of the episode he heard a specific clip according to his temperament. I was talking about the subject of” catcher “and I said,” We are not in the theater of Egypt. ”

He added: “I am the first person who supported you after taking over Tanta training, and everyone was making fun of you. I supported you and said a new face in the Egyptian League, and in the Zamalek match I did not like a certain behavior and talked about it, and I spoke about you well after meeting Al-Ahly.”

And he continued: “I was surprised yesterday and before that you appeared with Ibrahim Fayek, with your mockery of my actions. I am Hadi with you until the last moment. There are people in my feet that have made me angry.”

And he continued: “I do not have an army in this way. Whatever between you and me is a job that will not hit you. You criticized many people and also mocked them.”

And he went on: “You will mock my actions. I will sweep the land with your generosity. Respect yourself. From now on, I will not captain me. I know your limits. Thank God, I played for the Egyptian national team, which you did not enter.”

And he finished: “See, so that you do what, because I will know you, who is Ibrahim Saeed. If I put you in my mind, I will make you laugh – what is between me and you is a work and just, I know I will knock and I know I will answer you and your age. Your luck is that I did not follow you.

On his part, Reda Abdel-Al came out via a video, in response to Ibrahim Saeed: “Wait for me after Tanta training, he doesn’t know what to talk to ?, thanks to God, and then I was the reason that he eats a living, and I ask Muheeb Abdel Hadi: What is he not doing.”

He added, “He appeared in a global video who confronted himself, and he was excused from being warned.”

In the same context, Reda Abdel-Al said yesterday evening on the “ten” channel: “Ibrahim Saeed is a technical bankrupt. Oh uncle Ibrahim, it is not useful that you speak in this way. I want to cut it artistically. I agree. You used to do your hair red and once again, I speak. A ball, but it doesn’t make the heart happy. ”

Two days ago, after the Al-Ahly match, Abdel-Al came out to respond to Ibrahim Saeed about his description of what he was doing during the matches with the phrase “Egypt Theater.”

He said, “In the studios, they say that I am doing the theater of Egypt, but this is a new school named Reda Abdel Aal School, and I give the player a better joke than grinning in the face.”

In the last two confrontations of the Tanta team, under the leadership of Reda Abdel-Al, he received a loss from Zamalek with 3 goals for one goal, and he also lost from Al-Ahly with a goal without a response.


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