The elections bring back the most famous quarrel with Sama Al-Masry, get to know him


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For the fifth time in a row, former MP Haider Baghdadi is running for the House of Representatives elections for the 12th district in Cairo, which includes the sections of “Al-Gamaleya, Bab Al-Sharia, Al-Musky, and the Nasser facility.”

The former MP has a long record of transitions and crises in his electoral career. He ran for the Nasserite Party in 2005 for the Gamaliya district and the Nasser facility, and resigned from the party after refusing his candidacy in the next elections after the “nightclub” event, so that “Baghdadi” announced his joining the National Democratic Party and ran The 2010 People’s Assembly elections, and he wins, as a representative of the majority.

In 2011, after the January 25 revolution, “Baghdadi” ran independently this time, losing his seat to the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafist candidates in the “Jamaliyya, Nasir al-Darb al-Ahmar and Bab al-Sharia constituencies”.

In the 2014 Parliament elections, “Baghdadi” had an incident that stirred Egyptian public opinion after the announcement of the currently imprisoned artist, Sama Al-Masry, who was running for the elections for the district, which was rejected by the former MP, who cursed her in the media and described her as a “scientist” and threatened to hit her with shoes if she dared She visited the Jamaliyya neighborhood, to which Al-Masry responded with a report from the Public Prosecution Office against him, accusing him of insulting, slandering and threatening death as soon as she entered the Jamaliyeh area.

However, the deputy also filed a communique accusing Sama al-Masry of threatening to hit him with a shoe and cut off his hand and his supporters.

And “suffocation” reached between the two candidates to take a pledge from “Baghdadi” not to attack what he described as “the scientist”.

The 2014 elections ended with the loss of the “Baghdadi-Al-Masry” rival, with the victory of the current MPs, Nabil Boulos and Hani Morgan, the largest merchants of Al-Azhar and Bab Al-Sharia.

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